Brat is specialized in the metal machining field


Metal Technology

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Brat is a trading and distribution company for Automatic lathes cam controlled, CNC & Swiss type CNC automatic lathes, automatic bar feeding systems, metal processing tools, multiple devices, work holding systems, industrial equipment.

In the commercial field,we are in business for almost fifteen years. During this time we have managed to achieve quite a development through a lot of work, flexibility & technical knowledge of the products, that we trade in. Amongst other, our company supports the Greek Armed Forces with systems, equipments, tools & machinery .

Presently, having already re-organized our product management group, we have a high performance team, of dedicated personnel, engaged to achieve our targets.

Our benefit is our experience & knowledge of the Greek market demands,which ensures that your product range will successfully meet these targets.

Moreover, we have a client network spanning over the Greek territory, including some of the most important Industrial units,of our country.

The product lines that we distribute, are destined to areas which cover a multiple application field, therefore, it enables us succeed in other fields as well (such as the shipyards, the ship repairing – reconstructing units,industries that manufacture plastic articles, hydraulic & pneumatic systems)

Brat is specialized in the metal machining field, offering its customers high–tech precision tools, tooling systems, devices, machine-tools, parts,that keep up with the latest market trends & technological innovations, provided by the most leading manufacturers,worldwide, among which :

UK, oil mist collector units, pre-filters, after-filters, oil tramp skimmers

Germany, precision cutting tools (drills & Multiplex drills, end - mills, reamers, carbide tools)

Switzerland, thread cutting tools ( thread taps, dies, thread-formers, thread milling cutters, gauges, tapping attachments)

Germany, work holding systems (tool holders, tapping attachments, collets chucks a wide range of collets)

Brazil, automatic lattes cam-operated or CNC, multi spindle machine center

Italy, automatic bar feeder systems (either for compatible or multi spindle machines)

Taiwan, precision grinding machines

Taiwan, (ATLAS) CNC machine center

Switzerland CNC machine center

Switzerland CNC machine center

France, Helicoils

Germany Metal Marking tools

Germany, Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH is specialized in the production of cutting tools with a excellent vibration-free performance in both standard and special-purpose design

Germany, CNC-machines, Dental CAD/CAM solutions, dental tools








Filtermist oil mist collectors